nev'en: 'to name, utter, or mention; to tell of a person or thing.'

Middle English Verb

Project NEV3N is a collection of stories, illustrations, and tabletop roleplaying game set within a singular high magic fantasy setting.

This project has been a labour of love and its earliest iterations began back in the summer of 2000 when Mea was just 13!

In 2019 Mea hopes to launch the NEV3N tabletop roleplaying game: The Quests of Empires with her Twitch channel subscribers. Where subscribers will create characters and have the opportunity to join in on episodic adventures live on stream!

Coming soon will be a NEV3N dedicated portion of Mea's website where you will be able to explore the world, the characters, the stories, and the art of the NEV3N realm.

Mea's Patreon will launch with the aim to fund editing costs of novel manuscripts. The Patreon will include sketches, concept art, high res illustrations, behind the scenes content, and more with a 'Pay What You Want' format!

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