Collaboration for Inktober began in 2017, where Carson asked Mea to come up with a spooky forest. What was initially going to be a few short sentences turned into whole paragraphs and a world all its own. 
Mea wrote up each prompt while Carson then illustrated based on the text. 

CarsonDrewIt is a Creative Illustrator who regularly streams on He primarily works with ink and watercolour creating surreal and magical fantasy and sci-fi illustrations. 


Inktober 2017

The Forest of Alai

The Forest of Alai is a subject worth mentioning. For tales grow daily of monstrous creatures that lie in its depths. Trees as tall as mountains cross the rolling hills from sea to sea as if marking a last warning to all that beyond lie the beasts of gods. Few venture through needlessly, for few return unscathed. Here be the horrors that torment the bravest of souls, so if you must step through the forest and cross paths with such creatures described, be warned it may be the last thing you see.


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Inktober 2018

Beyond the Forest

Beyond the forest of Alai remain lands beleaguered by monstrous creatures and horrors only thought to exist in myths. Outposts, small city states, and tiny kingdoms have stood the test of time and carry with them a sense of pride in their enduring history. Some say they remain neighbours to the forest because of that pride; others say it is the insurmountable mountains and treacherous seas that keep them there. Perhaps it is a bit of both, but none can deny that these lands are in an unending relationship with one another that keeps them forever in our hearts and in our written history.


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